Lepore Taylor Law LLC is a law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of U.S. immigration and nationality law.

We provide seasoned representation to companies that employ or wish to employ foreign workers, including procuring the full range of temporary work visas, U.S. permanent residence, business visitor visas, immigration compliance advisory services and corporate immigration policy development.

Lepore Taylor Law LLC acts as a strategic partner to its clients’ management staff, internal legal counsel, human resources staff or global mobility team to deliver practical, customized immigration solutions to meet the challenges of maintaining a competitive global workforce in an area of law that is constantly changing.  We partner with employers and employees in all industries including finance, information technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, bio-tech, food and beverage, construction, engineering, architecture and design. We seek to form a close relationship with our clients, offering services such as on-site trainings to demystify the immigration process and a facilitate smooth, efficient process. 

Lepore Taylor Law LLC also maintains a family-based practice, helping individuals immigrate to the United States on the basis of a family relationship.  This practice includes marriage-based petitions as well as U.S. citizenship and naturalization.  


At Lepore Taylor Law LLC we offer:


Value driven fixed and package pricing


Individualized attention to each case by an experienced attorney


Network of legal and business professionals